Danubia Airlines offers you an impressive experience in various absolutely realistic flight simulators!
Fly yourself as First Officer together with our captain 'Capitano Rodolfo' in the cockpit of an Airbus A 320,
or take off from one of the approximately 24,000 different airfields on 5 continents, at the wheel of a sports aircraft,
or explore with our chief pilot on the joystick of a turbine helicopter towns, valleys and mountains and enjoy while a
fascinating view in realistic scenes around the world, by day or night, in fine weather, clouds, rain, fog or storm wind.
You will not forget this experience!!

This is our Airbus A 320. Its cockpit is original and fully functional.
Our Airbus also has a passenger cabin with 28 seats. From each window you can also enjoy the view.
This is our sports airplane simulator. This original cabin of a sports aircraft can be programmed on various popular small aircraft types.
The flight experience is particularly impressive because the entire cabin is mounted on a movable platform that makes the illusion of flying perfect.
And here is our helicopter, which can be experienced as a passenger. Experienced helicopter pilots can of course also fly it themselves...
This helicopter, a Bell 407, is also mounted on a motion platform.


    30 min:   9'000 HUF
        ACTION:   8'000 HUF
    60 min: 16'000 HUF         ACTION: 14'000 HUF
    90 min: 23'000 HUF         ACTION: 20'000 HUF
  120 min: 30'000 HUF         AKTION: 25'000 HUF

Airbus A320:

   30 min: 14'000 HUF      
  ACTION: 11'000 HUF
   60 min: 25'000 HUF         ACTION: 20'000 HUF
   90 min: 37'000 HUF         ACTION: 30'000 HUF
 120 min: 50'000 HUF         ACTION: 38'000 HUF

Helicopter Bell 206 Jet Ranger:

   30 min: 11'000 HUF

   60 min:  20'000 HUF
   90 min:  30'000 HUF
 120 min:  40'000 HUF

Where we are:

Our simulators are all in the **** Parkhotel Csipkerózsa.
The Parkhotel is located just outside Csólyospálos and is accessible from exit 140 of the M5 motorway, direction Kiskunmajsa. in the village of Kömpöc go straight for three kilometers and then follow the signs to the right through the forest.


Have we piqued your interest? We are happy to answer your booking request: Tel. +36 77 700 750 (Reception Parkhotel Csipkerózsa).

As a visitor to the Royal Rose restaurant in the hotel or as a hotel guest, you can benefit from various other discounts.

You can also contact us online booking@danubia-airlines.com and send us a Booking Request. We will contact you as soon as possible.
Treat yourself to an interesting experience in one of our realistic simulators and get a taste of the big wide world of aviation!

Our Company:

"Danubia-Airlines" is a virtual Airline-Company.

That means:
  • No real aircrafts, but reality-close simulators
  • Flugerlebnis auch ohne Pilotenschein
  • Keine Umweltbelastung, kein Risiko
  • Günstige Kosten

"Danubia-Airlines" is operated by the company Qualimed Hungary Kft.
  • Adress: Csipkerozsa-Park, 6135 Csòlyospàlos
  • Phone: +36 77 700 750
  • E-Mail: team(at)csipkerozsa.com
  • VAT Tax Nr.: 23478433-2-03
  • Tax Nr: HU23478433
  • Bank account: K&H-Bank 6120 Kiskunmajsa
  • IBAN: (follows)
  • BIC-SWIFT: (follows)
  • Igazgató: Dr. B. Dubs
  • Chief Pilot: Capitano Rodolfo
    (E-Mail: capitano.rodolfo(at)danubia-airlines.com)
  • Base: Csipkerozsa-Airport

 Danubia - Airlines
Flight-Simulation in Hungary 
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